Your New Home

The Process—What does it look like?

Thank you for visiting MG Legacy Custom Homes.

Perhaps you have arrived here because you are familiar with our homes and are seeking a more personal approach. Or, it’s possible you are new to our look and design as we pursue an elevated style of living. Either way, we welcome you!

At MG Legacy Custom Homes, we offer our unique style and aesthetic approach conformed to your needs. This might include slight design alterations, or major customizations to enjoy a level of uniquely crafted comfort and ease: coming together to bring you your unique custom home.

You will usually find several of our beautifully designed new homes available for sale in the countryside communities of Wilson County. One of these might be just right for you. Perhaps, however, you have your own land where you have dreamt of building, or maybe you have specific needs that you hope to address as you envision your future home. Either way, MG Legacy Custom Homes is here to serve you.

In this section we address some basic elements for planning a start-to-finish custom home with your own unique features.

If you are interested in one of MG Legacy Custom Homes’ existing projects, Mike Fulmer is the broker of Fulmer Realty and handles marketing and listing for all our properties. He has served La Vernia, Wilson county, and the broader San Antonio area for nearly 20 years and has a wealth of knowledge about the region. If you would like to learn about or look at any of our current properties, please feel free to inquire or schedule something with Mr. Fulmer; we are confident he would be glad to give you additional information and show you around:, (830) 477-9393.

If you are interested in exploring a customized home, with custom plans, knowing the process and a projected timeline can be a helpful start. Knowing where you want to live and the house you would like to live in is an exciting prospect! Having a good sense of the process can help make your experience even more manageable as you anticipate each step and its importance to the bigger picture.

Factors to Consider

1. Location

MG Legacy Custom Homes has enjoyed building southeast of San Antonio, in La Vernia, Adkins, Sutherland Springs, and around Wilson County since 2014. This growing region offers a rural country feel while allowing convenient access to San Antonio, its business community, and its military bases and hospitals. Both deed-restricted communities and subdivisions, as well as acreage sites are available. For specific lot or land considerations, contact Mike Fulmer with Fulmer Realty.

2. Architectural Plans & Features

There are many variables that contribute to overall build/design costs and timing. Brian Smith Designs is the architectural firm with whom we work most closely. You may explore their website to locate a plan to alter at And Brian and his team are available for drawing the plans of your dreams from scratch: (210) 658-9726. For additional specific considerations, see Planning and Design Considerations, and explore some elements we’ve included in other properties in our Gallery.

3. Financing & Budget

Knowing your budget can be helpful in defining your parameters, such as square footage and design features. If you intend to finance and have not begun the process of exploring an institution, you may appreciate contacting Lisa Garland, Operations Manager with Colonial National Mortgage at (512) 842-3344, or Barbara Coker with Directions Equity at (210) 842-4185. Both organizations offer a variety of programs. The financial process can often take several months before construction approval is granted and the project begins, so beginning discussion with a financial institution directly influences your timeline.

Once you have your financial parameters defined and a general direction of design elements for your home, discussing scope of your project and pursuing a more precise proposal will be a necessary step for financial approval from a lending institution. From the time construction begins, 6-8 months is typically a fair estimate for construction.

Location of lot, land clearing, grading and slope of land, exterior elements such as rock choice, roof pitch and composition, trim, interior aesthetics, electrical fixtures, flooring, ceiling treatments, kitchen finish-out, cabinetry, number of bathrooms, length of driveway, septic design, number and size of garage spaces, landscaping, financing, etc., all contribute to an overall build price—there can be sizeable differences. Common features of our homes include: custom alder cabinets, ceramic or porcelain tile throughout, wood-tone garage doors, mesquite mantels, ceiling treatments, step-up ceilings in secondary bedrooms, and allowances for electrical fixtures, plumbing fixtures, and appliances—all of which may be altered and customized.

As a general guide, excluding land/lot costs, the houses which may be viewed on our website will typically have a square foot price beginning at $180/sq. ft. A final proposal will be dependent upon your final plan and features. You may view past projects on our Portfolio page.